Slow down, buddy!

That’s what my friends told me recently.

Sometimes without we realize, we often keep pacing ourselves to do more, to go further, to put in more. There is nothing wrong at all by pushing ourselves. But we have to know that we have our limit.

There is no one knows us better than ourselves.

Here is a story.

My housemate shared this story, which she heard from a seminar. A story about rubber band.

A rubber band can be stretched until a certain extend. If we stretch is further, it will snap.

Once we stretch it, put it aside let it rest then we stretch it more, amazingly it can stretch further.

The same thing with us. When we pushed ourselves too much or put too much stress on ourselves, we will snap. And most of the time, it will affect our relationship with people around us, either friends or family.

When we know our limit, we can rest our body and mind. Allow it to recuperate, then we “run” again for whatever we pursue.

Once again, there is nothing wrong by putting our dream high in the sky. But, remember.. We are not defined by it. It’s the journey we need to enjoy.

So ask yourself, are you keep pushing yourself?