Challenging or tough?

When you have a big obstacle in front of you, what would you think first? Challenging or tough?

Our first reaction reflects how we see the obstacle. This post will give you a perspective about the differences of those words when obstacle comes.


  • We think it’s almost impossible to solve it
  • We need to get rid of it as soon as possible
  • It’s a infectious disease that need to be terminated
  • We need to make lots of effort to overcome the obstacle
  • Why me?


  • Okay, the big guy comes, but I think I can have some fun with him
  • It’s just another test, like previous one but it’s just presented in different way
  • Wohoo! I’m going to level up
  • I’m the chosen one to be the hero to solve this (use our imagination side)
  • How to?

Actually, the last point of each is the summary. Instead of complaining (why me? attitude) we are more active to find the solution (how to? attitude).

What do you think?