Be ready, but take it easy

In my last post, I mentioned that often we are too pushy to ourselves, too demanding and (maybe) less understanding.

When people told me to take it easy, sometimes I wonder, how do you define take it easy? Your easy maybe not as easy as you said or maybe less difficult that I imagined. Some people told me quite often recently just do it when you are ready.

A little bit contradiction to what I heard when I was a kid. Don’t be lazy, don’t complacent, push yourself. From this, I became my current me. From this, I survived several hardships and experienced lots of adventure.

But, recently I’m easily flattened out. Is it because of too many activities? Or is it I’m demanding myself too much?

I had a talk with myself recently about what’s keeping me busy.

  1. Japanese class; learning new language that you seldom use out of interest can be challenging and frustrating in the same time. Not to mention, have to revise and do the homework after work.
  2. Photography; I like to take photo, I want to express my thought through my photos. The more I see photos from great photographer, the more I feel that there are lots of things I have to catch up.
  3. User Interface; I have keep this interest for very long time, and yet I don’t have the courage to know more in this field. I’m a web developer who has eye for visual elements of the website and yet I still don’t have the heart for not being code monkey again.
  4. Social media; I have been into social media since two years ago and without I realize, I rely to social media like twitter, facebook and now google+ as my news stream. Meanwhile, I also amused with interacting or meeting new people using the platform. So it’s kind of a new adventure for me.
  5. Chores; exercise, socializing, house chores, etc. Small things can be a big one when they join together.

After I did this, I know that my frustration is caused by I started many (new) things at once. Frustration can be good things and bad things. But in my case, it is more towards bad things. It made me impatient and easily lose my temper (luckily no casualties so far :p)

So, pushing yourself to be out of your comfort zone is good. But remember, even a good thing can be a bad one when we bring it to the extreme side.

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