Tribute to “Silence”

What would you do, when you have lots of things to do?

I think, obvious answer would be, start to roll up our sleeve and do the work. If you read some of my posts, you know that complain or run away are not solutions. You can revisit those in here, here and here.

How about if you have nothing to do, what would you do?

Here are some of possible scenarios, that I observed from friends or I experienced it myself.

First, some people may answer immediately that they will do whatever things they haven’t done or postponed for a long time. Started to dig out the pending list and doing it.

I’ve been in that situation. Sometimes, it worked, but most of the times, I just didn’t feel want to do it.

Second scenarios, go for a holiday or shopping or other leisure activity.

Some of my friends did that. Shopping is very common answer among my girl friends while watching movies or going out to drink is popular among my guy friends. It may help in a way, but the most common complains I heard after that is, they are broke.

Third option, a mutual answer from both sides is catching up their sleep.

Sometimes work (or studying) can be very though. So, they basically just hibernate like a polar bear during winter time.

I have fourth one, it’s not commonly chosen. But I like the wisdom behind it. When you have nothing to do, do nothing.

It simply tells us that just live in the moment. Don’t fight with it. When you’re busy, let’s give our 100% to it. And when we’re not busy, let’s give our 100% for doing nothing. The concept looks hard to implement, or digest. And to some people (like myself) it’s a hard for not doing anything.

So, in your case, what would you do when you have nothing to do?