Being too social?

Disclaimer: this post may sound a little bit different from my usual post.

Are you a social person in real life?

This week maybe a big week for Google. They officially launched their social networking site; Google+ is the project name. Although it’s launched by invitation, it creates big reactions all across the social media sites.

My first reaction after reading the news was, I want it too.

I tweeted about it, participated in a social media contest and other things. I just want to get the invite.

I continued my work and I saw the invite in my email. Apparently some of my friends had it and invited me.

Anyway, save the stories for later, let’s get back to the topic, being social. Some questions for you to ponder:

  1. Are you a social person? In person or in online presence?
  2. If you answered one of them with no, what are the reasons for being social in one world and not in the other one?
  3. If you answered both with yes, how do you manage your social life in both world?

As always, you can take your time pondering your answer, while reading my answer.

On being a social person or not social

I personally don’t take myself as social person, but I’m not 100% on the other side. I know my limit. I’m a social person who know my limit. I know when to stop, because I need my space too.

I like to meet and make new friends. There are times when I will be focusing on the quality time I have with friends I have. I know some friends like to get more and more acquaintances. But I prefer to know more about my friends rather than just knowing them on the surface.

Some friends told me that I’m more engaged in online world rather than in person. Oh well.. Maybe..

On being social in both world

If I remembered it correctly, the first online persona I had was on friendster, then facebook appeared. Since then, I’ve been on facebook although I run my own blog in the same time. One thing I like about online presence is you are connected with the world. In a sense that you learn more things that are different from your usual circle.

Although to some of my friends, online presence means no privacy. To me, it’s a matter how you want others to perceive you. But, having no online presence means no harm too, it’s just a matter of preference.

One thing made me a little not satisfied with having online presence is, your profile may be swarmed by people that you don’t really know. To certain extent, you will feel invaded, but again, think why you set up those in the first place. There are always pros and cons for our actions. So, if it’s part of the risk, don’t complain about it.

So, what is your answer? Do you consider yourself as a social person? Or you feel that you are overly social?