Are you anticipating too much?

In this post I’d like to share some interesting points that I get after meeting with old friends.

I’m quite sure that the story may go quite long and I was thinking to divide it into different posts so that I can talk more about each point.

But, I changed my mind, we are all so busy now, let’s keep it short and sweet.

1. Present, present and present

Flashing back to the most recent one. I met my supervisor while I was studying back in Melbourne. After I graduated from my study, we were still in touch, through messenger most of the time.

It’s classic, but it’s a good reminder. Enjoy the present moment. Enjoy it with the person you are with at that time. It’s either your friend, your partner, your siblings, or anyone.

Uncertainty will always somewhere out there. And you can’t keep thinking about the uncertainty that happens in the future, nor regret about something that happened in the past which definitely you can’t change it.

So, when you are in present moment, take your time, simply enjoy the time.

2. Patience and focus

Meeting one of my junior high school friend, whom I hardly see after she studied abroad. And facebook wasn’t there yet.

She’s working in a school now and shared a story how hard to improve the school due to lots of factors.

Basically, she noticed that the school can be improved in many areas but she felt shorthanded and sometimes frustrated. Her story brought me a piece of advice my ex-boss used to tell me. “I know you’re the person with lots of ideas. Choose one, execute it, and attend it till the end.”

We need patience when dealing with people. Some people make it seems so easy. One alternative approach that is worked for me is, imagine we are parents and the other party is the kids. Then imagine how our parents will never give up on us when we were young.

3. Take it easy

We should know our capacity. Some people may have a big heart that able to contains everyone trouble. But if we don’t have it, it doesn’t mean that we are bad. We just have different role to play.

Sometimes we need to push ourselves hard, but sometimes we also need to go easy. Know our own limit. If you don’t know it, learn it, find it out. We all should know ourselves better than anyone else.

Problems are also out there, don’t always try to over take them. When the time comes, we will have it. We don’t need to be so anticipative, because we will lose the adventure part of our life.

To sum up, do everything in moderation. 🙂


There is nothing better than catching up with friends, especially a friend you haven’t seen for long time. These last 3 weeks I had a meeting or gathering with different groups of friends. Firstly it started with my trip to Jakarta-Bandung to attend a friend’s wedding and followed with catching up with some friends who are coming to Singapore for different reasons (some are works and some are personal).

Anyway, listening to their stories, it made me realize how wonderful my life is. I’m not being cliché but these recent happenings bring me to a conclusion that I should be more grateful than be a grumpy.