3 questions to ask when you’re frustrated

Wanting something badly until it frustrates you? I’m sure everyone experienced it at least once in their life.

What did you do that time, to make the frustration go away? Did what you do that time make it gone?  If you are confuse how to cast the frustration away, here is some checklists (questions that will help):

1. What is the actual thing that triggers the frustration?

Find that out, most of the time we simply don’t want to acknowledge it. Or even worse, we ignore it. We need to accept it, because we need to find the solution to make us feel good again.

2. Is this related with someone else? Or with myself?

If it’s related to someone else, find the person and talk it out. It’s easier said than done, but that’s the most straightforward step to solve the issue.

If it’s related to ourselves, find out why we are frustrated. Are we expecting too much of ourselves? Or are we having too much commitments?

3. Have done anything yet?

Even though universe is our genie that will grant our wishes, we will still need to do something. Aladdin would still need to travel to the cave to find the lamp before he is able to make a wish. So, if you have the time to complain, which means you have the time to work it out.

This is the tip I found from a book by Andrew Matthews. When you want something, normally we forgot one important thing; to make some actions. What we do is merely a wish, daydream about it, hoping that it will deliver to us.

Do something, make a walk to the “cave”, grab the lamp, and say our wish out loud. If we don’t do something, nothing is going to happen, and in the end we are frustrated.

And lastly, persevere..