To be mature

To get older is a nature of our life
To be mature is our choice
As we get older,
We tend to be more selfish,
We easily blame someone for something bad happened to is,
We are less adventurous,
We don’t like people to tell us what to do, even if for our own good,
We act like a kid, don’t really care about people around us.

As we get older, we can choose to act wisely and respond wiser,
When someone pisses us off,
When someone acts immature,
When someone likes to show off,
When someone brags about themselves,

Without we realize, maybe we were like that, or even did it worse.
Realizing it is a great step for you.
When you brag about it, it will make you no difference with them.

But, it also doesn’t mean that we allow those people easily step on us.
Even a snake doesn’t always bite people in the first sight, it hisses.
And hissing won’t hurt.