4 things I learned from my Vietnam trip

I had a trip to Ho Chi Minh with another 3 friends from my hometown. Thanks to my traveling buddies, they celebrated my birthday there by buying me a small cake. (I’m so touch)

The trip was really fun and memorable. And that trip was different from my previous trips.

Here is what I learned (and some comparisons with some of my previous trips) :

1. Similarities makes journey more comfortable

All of are bunch of adventurers, 3 of us (including me) like to take pictures. We armed ourselves with DSLR, the other one simply like to take picture in easier way, compact camera. Because of our similar interest to take picture, we spent some time in one location, sometimes we take turns to take other pictures. (I had experience which your buddies like to be inside the picture and not taking picture).

2. Diversity adds color to your life

In contrast to my previous trip to Penang, we all have different interest. Some like to eat, some like to play and some like to relax. We were able to visit lots of places, do different things within the short holiday time frame. Though sometimes you may feel worn out after the holiday.

3. Prepared is good, but unprepared isn’t bad too.

That trip was really a free and easy trip. We planned, researched and aimed to do this and that. But we allowed some rooms for adjustments. Instead of this, we do that. It doesn’t mean that we are indecisive, but we were just being flexible. Because sometimes there are factors that you can’t cater in, for example weather.

When you do that, you won’t feel stress during your holiday. Instead of has to follow the schedule, you may feel not relaxing at all. Hey, it’s your holiday..

4. Being strong is good, but if you weren’t at your best doesn’t mean you are weak too.

On this trip, we met a person from our country who worked there for the last 6 years (or more). We met him accidentally after attending our Sunday mass. He gave lots of informations and guides, tips and some tricks too. We felt uneasy to receive a help from total stranger, even though he/she is your fellow countrymen. But in the end, we decided to listen to him.

Being independent is a good thing, too much of it is not good. Why? We need to have rooms for other people to help us. It doesn’t mean that we are weak, stupid, or incapable of doing something. We let them do some good deeds to others, to us.

So, did you have a trip recently? Do you learn something from your trip? Or how do you describe your trip? I hope that you get something, at least, even if it’s some shopping. 🙂