Will you dive with head first?

I met one of my university senior on last weekend. He is a successful entrepreneur, to my opinion, and he showed me some of his works while we were chatting.

Casually I asked him, on being entrepreneur in such young age. Here are some points that stayed in my mind:

1. There is no shortcut

There will be some hills to conquer at certain point of our life.

2. Keep your idealism for yourself.

Some people may not appreciate your idea, they have their own. They just want other opinions to affirm their idea, or you can say, seeking affirmation.

3. Be bold

In the War Manual of Sun Tzu stated, when people are cornered they will fight with all their might.

I told him about some of my ideas, and he asked me back what made me hesitant to execute my idea. He shared his experience that he dived with head first. But of course he had the goal painted in his head, not aimlessly dived into the water.

To sum up, the conversation made me rethink about what are the important stuffs for me and whether I did the right things. I realise that some ways may only work for certain people thus we should not worry if our path is different from each other. We need to keep looking for it.