Shut up, sit still and admit it!

Talking so much about positivity and to be an optimist, but there are times when you hit the bottom, you just can’t get your head straight.

Yesterday, I just couldn’t think properly what should I do, my priorities were messed up. (Even I missed my blogging schedule).

One tip from a friend, find out what is the main cause of it.

Simple as it said but it’s pretty hard to get it done. Why? One thing that I can think of is, because sometimes we aren’t honest with ourselves.

I’ll use myself as an example (it’s easy and I don’t talk behind someone back too).

When I told my friend that I couldn’t think clearly, he asked few questions, like what makes me not motivated? too much stress from work? (or too little work?) or I simply doesn’t find the work challenging enough? or am i having troubles with colleagues. (disclosing the answer) but when being asked those questions, I simply can’t answer it. I’m afraid of the truth, to acknowledge some facts.

(after having good rest ~ most of my problems when I don’t have enough sleep)

I came to a conclusion that it’s a fact that I can’t run from. The more I run, the more trouble I have. I should not avoid it. I have to face it. Using analogy as a gamer, I’m worried that I choose the wrong path and I can’t get my treasure. Since this is real life, I can’t simply save and load.

So, the title is a self reflection command to myself; that sometimes you need to be quiet and sit still, to be far from the noisiness of our daily life and answer the question as honest as possible.

How about you? Have you ever experience similar experience like I had? How do you deal with it? Care to share?