Pay the price

When we were a kid, how do we get money? Pocket money from our parents, right?

A little background to share, I was raised in middle class family. My dad never spoiled us with neither toys nor clothes. Sometimes as a kid I always ask and wonder, why can’t I get that toys? My dad will say that you still have your toys and it’s still in good condition, why would I need another toys. Maybe my dad didn’t understand that how I envious when my friends showed their new toys in complete set.

When I was teenager, I like to read comics, but my mom felt it’s a waste of money (until now she still feels that way) thus she would not buy my brother and I comic books. So, my brother and I will save our pocket money to buy the comics we wanted. My mom disapproved it in the first place but since it’s our own money, she gave in. Looks like both of us reached agreeable point. She didn’t need to pay extra for the comics book and taught us about money management in the same time.

My brother and I learned that we need to pay the price of the comics book by not spending our pocket money grandly but decently. Saved it up and the satisfaction of being able to buy the comic precedes the feeling of holding yourselves, for not buying ice creams when you friends bought it.

The reason I remember this childhood experience recently is I have something that I want. But, it seems that it’s difficult to get it.

So, when you want to have something (either you want to make your dream comes true or want to buy something), you need to pay the price. And price doesn’t necessarily equal with money, instead it can be our time, our routine or our hobby. I learned this lesson since my childhood, yet sometimes I forgot about it.

Don’t worry, our sacrifice will be paid off when the time comes.

What do you think?