Level up!

When we play a game, either it’s a puzzle game, strategy game, or RPG game, each time we complete one stage or level, the next one would be slightly more difficult than the previous one. Right?

The same analogy with life.

After you complete one stage in your life, the next one will be, most likely, more difficult. The challenge comes in different form. And the beauty of it is, you can never expect that you will get the same form challenge. Life will automatically find something that suit best to you. (refer to previous post)

Recently, I’m facing a challenge. I feel down and confuse what should I do, and the classic question came out, why me? Why it’s all happened to me? Why I had to face this hardship? Why can’t I have an easy path?

I called my best friend, told him about my problems and at the end of my story I said how I miss my old life and my old friends and mentors.

What he said to me woke me up.

You can’t compare one person to the other. You will meet different people in you life. They will teach you different things as you need to learn different things in your life too. It’s time for me to level up, to learn something new. Otherwise I’ll be the same all the time.

So what is your big moment of learning? What was the brick that hit your head? What did you learn from it?