In finding passion

In relation with my last post, especially the part when you need to know what is your profession means to you. Many people told me to find something that I like and make it as my job. At that time, I wasn’t really thinking what is the message behind it. After working in the industry I know what it’s like. (To think about it you may like to read this too.)

Sometimes you just have a tough day. And one of many fuels that keep up going on is our passion. Have you asked yourself what is your passion? I often ask myself whether:

  1. Is this truly what I like to do?
  2. Will I stretch myself, when it’s needed, to do this till the end?

Quite often, I found myself immersed in what I do, whatever it is in the end of the day. So I asked myself other questions:

  1. If this is my first time doing it, is this just another adventure or is it another interest that I like to pursue?
  2. Or is this just my hobby?

Usually we often start to question ourselves when someone hit the brick into our head. And not being cynical, it’s a good thing that happens to us. It’s our “pause” to think about our actions.

These are points that helps me to find out whether something is really my passion:

  1. I don’t look at my watch all the time while doing it.
  2. I don’t complain or nag when something difficult happens.
  3. I’ll give my 110% while doing it. Even if it’s start with request from someone else.
  4. I don’t mind spending my weekend for it.

Though the points above may not be applicable to all people, and I’m quite sure that everyone of us has different clue in finding our passion.

To sum up, passion is something that keep us going to the tough times in our lives, whether it’s work related or not. Have you find your passion? How do you spot your passion? Care to share?