If you have an iPhone

Have you heard about Apple new ads campaign, “If you have an iPhone”? If you haven’t, you can go to their website and check it out. I quite like the campaign, it’s fresh and sleek. That’s what I like Apple about, minimalist yet cool.

Now, as I’m checking in too early to my Vietnam trip, the ad give me inspiration to write something

1. Listen to music
I have stored lots of music before the trip, I have a thinking that better put more rather than less, since you will be away from your desktop then you will have less song choices.

2. Watch movie
Similar like no 1. It’s just as alternative if you don’t feel like you want to listen to music.

3. Play games
Do I need to elaborate more?

4. Read books
iBooks, kindle, or you can even use GoAruna or DropBox to store your favorite PDF.

5. Blogs
Doing it now 🙂

6. Take pictures (and edit)
And upload them on the go, if you have the data plan with you or wireless connection

7. Read news
News app, web browser, you have many ways.

But most of all, you need a good battery life. Don’t waste your battery life if you still in the early part of the day. Unless you have your cable with you (and you need to find power station) or have mobile charger.

And, my favorite is number 1, we are here for leisure.. Let’s relax.. So, I’m going to end this and take my time.

PS: Anyway, though I consider myself as a fan girl, I’m just inspired by the campaign.