Defining a perfect day in our life

How do you define a perfect day in our life?

Let’s close our eyes, think about it for a second, and start to imagine it. (Okay you have 10 seconds before you continue.. Just kidding :))

A classical scenario for a girl could be,

  • Wake up in the morning, make the bed, having breakfast with her love (or sometimes she just have breakfast outside; a small cafe nearby is nice).
  • Make their own way, to work, or simply stays at home.
  • Reach home earlier, or do some house chores and maybe make some dinner, or simply just relax or reading a book.

Okay my version is, I’d like to add these two in the middle..

  • Sometimes I work from home, sometimes I work at a cafe, sometimes I work at the office. Basically anywhere is my office.
  • I make some phone calls, I do some designs, and I meet clients.
  • I meet friends, watch movies, catch up, and other social activities.

Let’s take a pause again.. And ask ourselves the next question, how many of us experienced exactly the same thing we want our life and it just happened to us?

Most of the times, we don’t, do we? And how do we react when we don’t get what we want? Or when what we have in hand is different from what we define? Angry? Upset? Sad? Sulk?

I did that quite often in the past. Until the next question came, to whom I angry/upset/sad or sulk?

And most importantly, does doing it solve the issue? Definitely not.

So, what I learn from this is:

  1. We need to be realistic. It’s good to have imagination about what we like to have, but it’s a process and we need to work on it, not just dream about it.
  2. It’s sad when we can’t get what we want after we did our best to get it (yes, we did, not tried). But sad doesn’t solve it, we should learn from our mistakes.
  3. More importantly, don’t give up, do it again. A good advice I ever received, you may stop after you succeed. That’s how you develop success habit.

Now is your turn,

  1. How do you define your perfect day?
  2. Have you achieve it?
  3. Did you ever disappointed or sad before?
  4. What did you do to overcome it?