We are artist..

random thought of the day


I never have a permanent hair dresser if I compared to my friend who always goes to the same hairdresser. So, I have different experiences with different people. Some of the them simply listens to my requests, while others give their opinion.

When I relate this to myself as professional, here is what I can learn from them:

1. It matters of whether you are just an executioner or you have some initiative

I like to propose my idea, sometimes the other party (let’s say my boss) like it, and sometimes doesn’t. Basically I like the initiative from me.

Here is the main thing, regardless it’s approved or rejected, we should remember that it’s not for us. We don’t need to be upset when the other party disapproved it. (I used to be disappointed with myself :p)

2.  You can have your own time when doing your work

Some of the them takes quite some time to cut my short medium hair, but others do it pretty fast.

You can try to ask yourself, does perfection is more important or urgency is more important?

If I compared myself with myself 10 years ago, I would feel that I become less and less strive for perfection. I’ve been more and more practical to solve the problem, though I’d still aim for the best I can do whenever possible.

Thus, we are all artist of our life and our work.

If you have different opinion, mind to share them with us?