Some lessons from Shaolin (the movie)

Here is the movie details from wiki: Shaolin (film). (warning: it’s a spoiler too)

Shaolin Poster

Why I can’t resist to give it 5/5?

The reason is simply this 2 hours plus movie shows lots of aspects, I named the main two for me, action and inspiration.

It inspires me, and also reminds me about what is more important in human lives, what hinders us to identify it, and common mistakes that leads to one’s downfall.

1. We are easily disillusioned by power

Without realizing it, we are attracted to power, control, wealth and leaving behind what is more important like family, friends and trust.

It is true when you are on the top, the wind blows stronger. And we are reluctant to let it go or we simply don’t know when to quit, we will still seek more and more for own gain.

2. Each person has their own role

Whether it’s a good role or a bad role.

We are exist because of something. Some may know, but some may don’t, and we need to find it out.

3. Spirit never dies

At the end of the story, it shows that all the refugees and the monk found a new place to settle.

We may think that other people crushes us physically, but it’s all a matter inside us. Whether we allow them to crush our spirit, our mind and our dream.

Something physical is conditioned, for example by time, it can disappear along with the time or can be destroyed. But, mind and spirit are intangible, it will still be there, unless you decide to destroy it.

In addition, the fighting actions are greatly directed, not too much with some impossible techniques yet entertaining enough with some silliness from the actors.

I give the verdict clearly in the beginning of this review, and one more thing, I really recommend you to watch it especially if you are longing for some inspirations kind of movies.