Lessons learned from Attention Please #1/2

Trivia: For you who are not familiar with Japanese TV series, they are simply called J-Dorama. J is for Japan and dorama is the adoption word for drama.

Attention Please has been played quite sometime ago. It’s about a rocker girl who wanted to impress the guy she likes by being a cabin attendant. Although she was clueless about cabin attendant’s works, she determined to become one, applied for the interview, surprised the interviewers with her not-so-proper attitude, and accepted.


She basically wasn’t fit with her classmates, but gradually her classmates are drawn into her energetic, adamant although sometimes she’s a little bit insensitive.

Here are some of the most memorable lessons I found:

1. Being out of the box, doesn’t mean you can’t be what you want to be.

The main character was raised in boys environment, so she tends to be loud and straight forward, with some boyish manner. Her classmates are feminine and have a good manner as it requires by the industry. They simply detest her the moment she enters the class.

Her instructor told her that she’s not fit for this and asked her to quit. She replied, she hate to lose and use it to push her through to prove to others that she can do it.

I was really desperate on my first year, because I have zero knowledge on programming unlike my friends who studied it since high school. But I managed to find some friends who kindly teach me outside the classroom and gradually I can stand on my own, I didn’t quit and I found what I like.

2. Clear out your head

There are some tough times, when she hit by the cruel facts, she skip her class and give her some time to sort things inside her head. Her classmates think that she’s giving up and dropping out from the class. Instead, she’s back after she found the answer.

There are always times like this too to us, when things are too much, just don’t give up easily. Let’s pause and reflect, what we can learn from it, and how are we going to move on.

3. Find out what does your profession mean to you.

She was the only one who failed the test from her class and continued to study on the ground rather than have her on-job-training. Though she barely passed the knowledge, but her instructor feels that she can’t show her what does the profession means to her.

Our profession is not merely a work that we do daily nor something that feed us. Quoting Steve Jobs, find what you love and if you haven’t find it, don’t settle and keep looking.

I admit that I’m not choosing IT as my career path in the beginning. I told some of my friends what were the original reasons behind it. To keep it short, I was in IT line by chance and I can say that I’m so proud to be one in the line.

I didn’t decide to become web developers the moment I studied in this course. I learned a lot of stuffs, from basic to advanced. And when you don’t know what to do, learning different stuffs gives you the helicopter view what it’s all about.

(to be continued)