Learning from Janet Jackson

Yesterday, I listened to a podcast of Morgan Piers show where he’s interviewing Janet Jackson. Like all others celebrities, Janet also shares some of her secrets of her life. So, it’s very enjoying breakfast to listen to the “soft” voice of Morgan Piers and Janet Jackson.

(I’m not trying to promote any apps) You can try to download “Stitcher” it’s a podcast app where you can find a lot of online podcast (mostly) from US.

Here are some of the points that Janet shared:

1. You can’t know or judge how other people’s life like,

What we have learned, not only from her but all other people, is people have their big secret inside. Whether it’s a bad thing or just something or some experience that they don’t want to share.

We shouldn’t judge them just by their look or present themselves. And remember, when people don’t want to share it with you, that doesn’t make you a bad person. (sometimes we wonder about it, right?)

2. You need to be smart enough to handle pressure,

She said that her life (and all other Jacksons family) is like living inside a fish bowl. That’s how people see them as celebrities. They are famous but they lost their freedom in the same time. And it’s quite a pressure to be able to handle pressure.

Everyone will have different pressure in our life. We may easily think that how good other people’s life are, but wait, how do you know that they don’t have any sufferings?

3. You should be yourself, and like yourself, with everything that you have or don’t have.

Believe it or not, she mentioned that there are times when she hates herself and banging her head into the head. She basically very disappointed with herself, and sees herself in very negative way.

We are all have different purpose in out life and we are here to put “ding” in the universe (quoting Steve Jobs) with our own way. Well, I have that time too, but I realise that we are unique in our own way. So, we should accept and like how (you think) many flaws you have.

Most of the time, it’s just about what inside our head, it may be not like that when other people sees it.

And, there are a lot of other stuffs you can learn from her life.

And one more thing that I learned is, interviewing or asking question is another way to help us to sort out our problems. Like how Morgan Piers interview Janet Jackson.

I tried that recently to myself. I was confused and panic in early of the week. After listening to it, I had a silent conversation with myself, imagined that on one side there is a Morgan of me and on the other side there is Janet of me, asking and answering each other, and so on.

It may look strange, but it helps me to solve the confusion I had.

To conclude, let’s ask ourselves what we have learned from ourselves so far?