Finding myself within books

(note: recently I had quite a long break from work, clearing my leave)

It’s nice to be back at home, although I can’t sleep the first few days because apparently I’m so used to with my current pillow. But the feeling to be back on your room is superb.

Why? Because I can have books around me.

I don’t see myself as a bookworm, but I admit that I’m a avid reader. I used to be a manga junkie (manga is japanese comic), until I become a novel reader and gradually to all other books.

I admit that before I can read books like now, I tend to sleep after 4-5 pages of texts. I gave up that time, with some jealousy to my friends who can read thick novels or other books.

Anyway, there was a stage in my life where I like to read self-help book a lot. Some of them are team management related, motivational related or psychology related.

These past 3-4 years I have been away from my home, for studying and working (and travelling). And it’s quite hard to bring all those books with me obviously.

In the past, I didn’t really know how to implement all those knowledge I learned from the self-help books I read. Until recently, I browsed through my book collection again, re-opened it, and read through my highlighted texts and I found the answer.

Lesson I learned from this is sometimes we don’t know why are we learning something and when revisiting it, it’s like having a light bulb above your head. You will feel like you have found some “enlightenments”.

Have you feel like that too?