Learning from Annual Review

As new year is just peeking at the door, everyone seems to be busy to finish their work before this year ends. Recently, some people in my office, including myself, are busy writing annual report for the management. I’m sure you all know what’s inside. So, I think it’s a good idea for today’s blog post too.

Have you ever review yourself? If so, are you a generous reviewer? If you never review yourself, why? Have you ever consider it, maybe you should give it a try..

Annual Review

There are some lessons we can learn from writing our annual review:

1. We dream, we fail, we get up and we move on

Let’s say we have 10 list to achieve on that year and when you read the list again, do you find most of your items have been fulfilled?

If it’s yes, then it means you are awesome. You know yourself very well. Though you may want to consider to put a little bit difficult to achieve next time, so that you know how to stretch yourself.

If it’s not, do you remember the reason or the story behind it, that hinder you from reaching it? I’m quite sure that some of us definitely remembered about it, because sometime pain was included. And we didn’t order that pain, it was a “bonus” that we didn’t expect.

The next question is, did you learn something from it? (I hope we all do). A wise guru I know calls it as “growing pain“. The necessary pain that teaches us something that no one can ever do.

And after that, we will move on. We dream about it, we fail to get it, we learn something from it, and we move on.

2. There are times when we are off the track

It always happens. There is old saying, “Our neighbor grass is always greener than ours”. It means we tend to look at the other side, to look to the things that we have in our hand now.

3. Not all results are instant

Patience, patience and persevere.

4. Worrying will not solve the problems

And we are still doing it, right? 🙂

5. Be firm with what we want

The Secret book said that we are the Aladdin and universe is our Genie. When we want something, be firm, don’t hesitate. It’s your dream, not others dream.

So, writing our resolution down is a good practice, it will sink into our subconscious mind. Or sometimes it maybe not, but it’s our groceries list that we can refer to at any time. (If you don’t lose it :p) and review it back is also important, so that we can determine whether we are in the right track to achieve our dreams.

PS: I hardly can remember when was the first time I review myself, but I like to write resolution since I was in school. Usually I will forgot where I kept the resolutions, until near the end of the year. When I need to clear and tidy up my drawers. I found the notes I wrote at the earlier part of that year. I opened and read it, and I found myself complete my list.

As for this year, this is the list I made earlier and when I’m reading it again now, I’m glad that I made it. Though I completely forgot (again) about that.

And one more thing, give yourself a clap if you achieve it, celebrate it, be happy about it.. It’s your accomplishment.

PPS: Well, I guess I’ll give myself a treat tonight.