The day when I had too much surprises

From draft post many months ago..

If someone asked you a question, how many times within a day you have negative thinking towards someone or something? What is your answer?While you were thinking your answer, I’d like to share mine with some stories.

Negative Thought

That day, I went to work as usual. Nothing different particularly. I started my morning routine by waking up early. I like to finish my routine before my house mate woke up so that we don’t need to fight for bath room. I turned on my laptop and played games, had my breakfast, dressed up and tidied my room. Both of my house mates woke up gave me tired face as they needed more sleep.

I left the house, went to my usual bus stop at my usual time. And I had the first surprise. Fancy thinking that I’ll get a seat so I can play my games, I saw quite full bus instead. Well, I thought that people may need to go to work earlier too this day. I didn’t even able to find a corner to hide myself. I started to think that people around me were not that considerate about bags. They don’t even bother to put their big bag in such a way not to block people’s way.

I was glad that I didn’t faint in the bus because I barely can breathe properly and I could reach the office.

I was planning to do a list of things that day.

Or maybe I was having a bad day?