Lesson of the day: Be around the people who can encourage you to be your best and tell your bad as well in the same time.


Have you ever watch a soccer match live at stadium? Or have you ever watch any sports game live at the venue? I hope you do. In case you never been into it, maybe you should consider to try it one day.

What I’m going to share in this post is related with that experience, but no worries if you never went to a game before, I’m sure you can relate to the story with your own imagination.

1. We are too full of ourselves, sometimes.

Have you ever experience when you think there is nothing right out there? Or you think that your friend is not as good as you are? Because what they do is impractical and your way is practical? And we should do it using our way, no matter what?

It’s not about leadership or persistency, who is right or wrong though. It’s about being selfish and judgmental.

When we are too self-centered, we tend to assume about people around us, or judge based on our way of thinking. Friends or supporters, the good one, will tell us about it. They are our reminder, our stop button. We don’t mean it, it’s just that we are too carried away.

Telling this may not be easy for them. People may feel offended, or upset, or even angry at them. However, let’s try to be in their shoes. If your friend behaved the same, and it’s your best friend, wouldn’t you care less not to tell them about it? You will do it right? Or at least, we will try to find a way to say it, so that it will not hurt our friend. If you don’t, maybe you should ask yourself why.

2. Everyone needs morale support

When we were entering school for the first time, our parents would stand outside the classroom and watch us walk to the classroom, looking with full of hope that we will be able to do it ourselves. When we are learning how to ride a bike for the first time, they were looking out for us too. Not only they worried that we will fall, maybe, but they just want to give morale support to us, so that we are brave enough to do it.

There are plenty of other examples. You name it.

Basically, we have more courage to do something when there are others who believe in us. Although they might not be able to do what we do, when we success they will feel happy for us too. Happiness is contagious.

3. It’s simply contagious.

Recently I learned that we are easily influenced by whatever or whoever happened around us. One of many reasons I can think of is we tend to think that if that happens around us, means it’s a normal. For example, if we were raised in a competitive family, where academic record is important, then we will study hard to get high score, because having bad score is unacceptable. If we are in an environment where working hard is happened everyday, then we will try to do the same.

But how about when we are not in a positive environment? We will perform badly? Well, most likely we will. But, we have choice, although that our environment is not good. It’s your choice whether you want to stay and fight hard not to be the same, or maybe you want to try to change it, or you will leave it.

To conclude, everyone has their own supporters, friends, family or maybe siblings. Although that we tend to be conditioned with what happened around us, we do still have choices. So, how about you? Who are your supporters?