Mind Vs Body

Lesson of the day: Listen to your body, don’t deny when it’s tired, and don’t feel guilty for doing nothing and resting.

Have you ever been in the state which you are not in the mood for doing anything? I bet we all have that time.

Can you remember how did it feel like?

Well I did.
I’d like to share my recent experience on this.

Recently I have a short trip with my colleagues to one of our ex colleague’s hometown in Malaysia. It was a weekend trip, departed from Singapore on Friday night by a coach bus and reached there on early Saturday morning. We had the whole Saturday and almost whole Sunday to play and explore the city. Then we headed back on Sunday night by bus again, and will reach Singapore on early Monday morning around 5 am.

One of my traveling companion and I didn’t head back to home, instead we headed to office. The reason is, the place where the bus dropped us is near our office and we thought that we will waste our time to go back home then go to office.

I consider myself as light sleeper, I can easily fall asleep anytime and anywhere (unless I have something bothering my mind). Anyway, that morning, I drink a cup of black arabica coffee. I like coffee but, I would prefer coffee milk, so I put 4 creamers instead. As a result, I can survive the whole day.

Sounds good. Yes, temporarily. My worries that I can’t sleep that night was unproven. I sleep all the way till my alarm clock woke me up.

The next day, I feel terrible. Apparently, the coffee effect worn out, and I still way to repay my sleep debt. I can’t think clearly. I drank tea, yet not helping much. No matter how much I tried to force myself to awake, I just couldn’t. >.<

On the third day, I could not stand it anymore. I went home early, and I slept way earlier than usual. I woke up about the same in the morning, but I knew that I’ve been sleeping almost 10 hours and I feel refreshed.

To conclude, my body won the battle over my mind.