Forget and forgive

Lesson of the day: No matter how much information you have, if you only keep it for yourself, it will not bring us anywhere.

Forgive and Forget

When you read newspaper or listen to radio or skim through some articles on the Internet, you may think for a second that those are not new anymore for you. You may experience it, or know it through other means. It happens to everyone, almost, and it happened to me recently.

This week I have a monthly meeting for my department. One of the agenda was tips session by our team lead. She was mentioning that when we experience something, it might not be necessarily good experience since we can’t choose (right?), it’s important that we forgive and forget those, learn from it and move on.

Those words, forgive and forget brought me back to several years ago when I discussed “Indecent Proposal” with a friend. Those words also appeared in the movie. I didn’t notice it at first, until my friend told me.

These words have another meaning when we put a space after for. They will become “for give” and “for get”.

It creates a balance when we look it that way doesn’t it?

To be able to get something, we need to give something.

To conclude, continuing the opening sentence, therefore we should let the information go, so that it will bring benefit to others. As when it goes, we have some space left inside and we can receive new information or lesson from others too.

Are you agree? Please share your story 🙂