Double black

Lesson of the day: Something may not as easy as we thought when we do it ourselves, but it is worth the effort to do it.

Outbound activity

Last week Saturday, my company was having a team building activity, obstacle course. The course is coded into 4 difficulties level on different sites, and there are 4 sites. Green, blue, red and black are the colors to represent the easiest to the most difficult one.

So, why is it exciting?

The first site was a warming up site. The instructor briefed us about the safety and such and we are allowed to go by our own on the first site. Basically to make use to it. At the end of the first site, we are doing “flying fox” to the second site.

On the second site, they had a double black course. It looks not that hard to do, yet some of us took some time to reach the other end. One of my friends asked, which route you’re going to take? Before I answered it, the instructor answered I believed that she’s going to take the black one. And I smiled and nodded to my friend and say, yep, I’m going to take the black one.

Why I took the double black route?

  • It’s not about pride. I don’t care whether I feel inferior because my friend did that while I’m not.
  • It’s not about show off. I don’t care (either) whether my friend thinks that I’m not fit enough for it.

The reasons are:

  • Stretching myself, you’ll never know that you can do it, unless you try it.
  • Thinking is harder than doing, when I think that it’s hard to do, then I would never be able to do it.
  • Exploring myself more, to know more about ourselves, to become friends with our fear, our worries, and other things.

To conclude, although most of us had a slow start, because some are afraid of heights, some are not used to the equipments yet, but later on, we all had so much fun and more importantly, we challenged ourselves.

  • John Doe

    Have you ever wondered and/or asked the instructor:-
    * why he/she is answering the question for you ?
    * why he/she is thinking that you’ll take the hardest one ?

    One would think that there’s one answer for both question:-
    “to push you.”

    But I offer you one conspiracy theory – the instructor tests if he/she can push your buttons.

    In my opinion, the hardest thing to do when presented such situation is not picking the hardest difficulty level (black) but instead:- to actually do the opposite, to do the unexpected.

    It’s kind of a dilemma isn’t it ?
    Are you going to give the instructor self-satisfaction that he/she is capable of making you do what he/she wanted you to do ?
    Or do you decide on being a rebel, disappointing people around you ?

    But then again, this is a team-building exercise – so there are certain results to be expected. Being a team-player is certainly one of them 🙂

    • (answering your questions)
      – I’m not too sure
      Maybe he just engaged in the conversation I had with my colleagues.

      – I don’t know..
      Maybe he saw my route preferences based on my previous preferences on earlier sites

      Your point may be true, that he just trying to push my button (my last one, since it happened on the last course)

      And I agree with your point that the hardest part is not to go with the flow but against it. Since we are all conditioned by our surroundings.

      Alas, since I told myself to have some fun that day, and I’m curious how hard their hard is, I decided to take black course since the beginning of this activity.