5 lessons you can learn from de-motivators

De-motivator can be defined as:

reduce somebody’s enthusiasm: to make somebody feel less interested in working or studying effectively

They are exist around us because of many reasons, for example:

  • They are hurt, unhappy, unnoticed, or tired and they just want to vent their unhappiness.
  • They want others to experience their failure or errors, so that they would not feel left out or bad because of their mistakes.
  • Or, simply they just naturally thinking negatively.

Funny De-motivator Poster

So, what can we do when de-motivators are around us?

Let’s try to learn something from them:

1. Testing your will power

You want to get something done, and they said it’s hard and you should forget it. Or maybe asked you to join them to have some fun. Does that sound familiar? It happens to me many times. It was sweet temptation, when your friend asked you out while you are about to do your homework. Well, Randy Pausch, one of the greatest man I know, said that wall is exists to measure how bad you want to be on the other side. It doesn’t matter whether you will climb it, run over it, jump over it or use a stair. They just exist to test you. If you really want it bad, you will do everything it takes to get it.

2. Reminder us that life is about experiencing good and bad.

They may be in foul mood then they started to demotivate people around them. It reminds us that there is a cycle of good and bad. Like a round soccer ball (you can change with others sports ball, but I chose soccer because I like soccer), even a winning team may have a perfect match or a big win, but there are times when they are just lose badly even to some infamous team on the league. They are in bad mood because they are just having a bad day. If they patience enough, good day will come to them too. Perseverance counts.

3. How to be there for others

No matter how destructive they are, they’re still our friend. And though it sounds lame, but friendship are through the fire and the weather.

4. Learn from other mistakes

They may be grumpy because of the mistakes they had, it’s normal for us to expect other to fail too when we are failed, they may have bad influence so that we make mistakes.

5. No one likes a grumpy or de-motivator

It reminds us to stay strong no matter what. We are all have our own problem, as each problem is designed as unique as we are, to suit our need at that point of time. Therefore, we need to stay strong when we have our storm.

To sum up, do you have stories to share? What about you, what would you do when you spot demotivator around you?

  • I think the demotivators come not just from the person himself but also from the things around that person. The work they hate, the stress they feel. Or some sort of personal life crisis. 

    What we can do is understand their root cause and perceive how it would be if it were you, then overcome that negativity. 

    Ultimately, love yourself and love what you do and you will be happy and motivated?

    • Do we basically a de-motivator or simply it’s conditioned by the environment around us? Or is it the other way around?


      If it’s conditioned, shouldn’t we learn to be the owner of our own thought/feeling?