3 simple tips when facing challenges

What would you think your biggest obstacle in your life?

What did you do at that point of time?
Or did you run from it?
Do your action solve the it?
What would you feel after that?

Here are 3 tips to keep in mind when you’re facing something big in your life.
1. Just do what comes first in your mind.

Most of the time that’s the answer. We know it, and sometimes we denied it. So, don’t think too much.

2. You are not alone.

Everyone has it, faces the same thing with what we have, at certain point of their life. Maybe not exactly the same, but they will feel broken heart, love, confused, challenged, down, and many more. Because life will give what you need when you’re ready or not. Thus, what we need to do is, learning from it and moving forward.

3. The power of asking “How”.

There is huge different when we’re asking why and how. When we ask why, usually we will not find the answer. Instead, we will be more and more frustrated and powerless, because the obstacle will still be there. When we ask how, subconsciously we will be more creative, we will find the solution, and sometimes are not as complicated as it looks.

To conclude, do you have tips to share?

PS: Everyone has their obstacle, sometimes, stop struggling, go with the flow and you’ll find alternative to solve our problems.