3 signs of complacency

Complacency definition is

a feeling of satisfaction, esp extreme self-satisfaction;smugness.

Most of us feels that after some time in our life, I believe, whether it’s at school, at home or at work. For example, you may feel save, not be at the bottom of the class, because you know that some of your friend have lower grades than you. When your parents scold you, you will reason because of this or that.

So, what are the signs that we need to aware of?

Spotting our complacency

1. You feel that what you love becomes a routine and you lost your passion while doing it you just want to kill the day. You feel nothing, and you don’t really put effort on what you are doing.

2. You become calculative, don’t want to put extra effort (take extra mile) for others.

3. You think that your mistakes is normal, since everyone is making mistakes too.

3. You lost your fighting spirit.

The action

1. Change our routine.

2.Don’t compare yourself with others but compare yourself with the previous you.

We are competing with ourselves, not with others, so let’s compare ourselves with what we were last time.

3. Set a goal that is achievable by YOU

This will make you feel good after you completing it each and every time; and it pushes you to do it better and better.

Food for thoughts:

Sometimes we want to be as perfect as possible, and after we feel that we reach certain stage, we become complacent. We take the break for granted and it becomes our comfort zone.

However, there will be no end if we want to chase perfection. Instead, we should be more realistic with our goal, our expectation.

We may feel tired along the journey or you may struggle a lot. Take a break for a while, go with the flow. But this rest is not a permanent rest, we need to know when to start the journey again.

To conclude, let’s think positively about our mistakes, because it’s a chance for us to learn and improved.

Do you agree? Or do you have different stories to share?

  • sin

    Great thought, but I’m wondering who should set the goal that is achievable by us ? Your boss, you yourself, or another party ?

    Perhaps there is no black and white answer here. Just wondering.

    • Like you said, there is no black and white answer, but I believe that no one knows yourself better than you.

      So, we should set the goal ourselves.

      It’s part of process of knowing ourselves more 🙂

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