Why me, why not

Lesson of the day: When troubles come to you all at once, don’t ask why me. It’s part of the whole package for your life. Try to see it as end of semester test. You have learned a lot recently, now it’s time to practice what you have learnt recently.

Last week was a tense and busy week for me. Let’s start with what happened at my work and followed by my family. These two seems to collaborate together, to test me, how well I can handle this.

At work, I was busy with, my own module (as usual), covering up my partner work (he’s on leave), a committee I was accidentally in office (planning and budgeting), last minute updates on live module.

On my family, my parents were excited about flying to the city where my brother is in now (he’s studying in different city, so practically, we are living in 3 different locations now) so I need to buy tickets for us for the visit, they have a series of request (personal), and near end of the week, they called me just to telling me to call my brother since he has some problems with his computer (which I used to fix for him).

Well, when I’m trying to retell the whole last week story, it seems quite short since I can summarize it into 2 paragraphs. Alas, the tension was more than that.

At first, it felt like thunderstorm came without warning to me. None of those were expected. The module was fine some time ago before my partner took a leave. But, if you’re long enough in your work, you know that nothing is perfect. The closer it is to the execution date, you can feel that something amiss may happen. When you were expecting none and it came, what would your first reaction would be?

  1. Panic – What should I do?
  2. Upset – What is this?
  3. Ignorant – It’s not mine.
  4. All of above
  5. None of above

For my friends who know me well, my answer is classic, number 4. I did panic the first time I received the requests. I was upset and ignorant, because I knew my friend quite well that he did his best to finish his work before his leave and it was working well and I didn’t have any details about his work, all I have was just source codes.

But, it didn’t last long.

Those thoughts and feelings lasted for that particular time only. The main reason it disappeared so fast is what I have blog so far. I learned from what I wrote: to stay positive and do one thing at a time. Or put it nicer way, the blog is my reminder about what I have I learned, and what kind of myself I’d like to see if I ever experience it again.

Therefore, besides I learned to live my own words, I’m glad that I’m still blogging, despite the doubts that it doesn’t have benefit at all (for some people).

To conclude, I’d like to quote one of my favourite motivational speaker, Ajahn Brahm, instead of asking why me? Ask yourself, Why not? It helps 🙂

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