Pick your side: Good or bad #2

Lesson of the day: (but) good thing is addictive.

Continuing last post…

If I associated bad things with negative experience or feeling or something that bring us no good, then I’d like to describe good things as something that will make us feel good about ourselves and, more importantly, will not harm us.

For example, when we get a praise on what we had done, or when we receive a good mark for our test.

(hmm, you may think, does that mean good is related with accomplishment?)

Accomplishment is the final destination of it, the end of our mission. It’s not always mean a successful mission, it may also include unsuccessful mission too. But it’s more to how you feel about the journey, you made to walk to the end of the journey. For example, when you start something and you complete the activity, don’t you feel good afterwards? Or you may not be able to finish it for some reasons and you learn something from it, you will feel better rather than don’t complete it at all.

It’s challenging too.

The reason that good is addictive is mainly because it made ourselves confident and bring the best of us out by itself. When we feel good about ourselves, we want it last longer, and eventually we will do the “good” thing more. It’s like a natural call for us.

The challenge is, people tend to think that being good is not fun. I have seen that some of my friend purposely do something “bad” just because they don’t want to be labelled as good kid. For example, drinking too much may be bad for your health, we know the effect of it, yet we still go out for drink because our friend said that we don’t belong to their group anymore. (it’s partial peer pressure too). Or, doing something against the school rule is bad, yet we still do it because our friends did it. If we didn’t do it, we are not fun anymore.

When you think of those experience, will it bring good to you? Besides you learn that it’s quite normal that “rules are made to be broken” and punishments.

To conclude, it’s not about choosing sides anymore. We should be able to weigh ourselves whether something is good or bad for ourselves. Different people may have different point of view on valuing things, one person’s good thing may be not that good for others and vice versa. So, ask yourself what make you feel good? And does it make you feel good about yourself?

  • febtry sammuel

    Nice blog ^^
    I like it.

  • John Doe

    Conviniently, I came accross this site trope (from tvtropes):- http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheUnfettered

    • Your link about The Unfettered was quite deep, and it took me sometime to understand the meaning behind it.

      (I think I need to improve my reading :p )

      But the article is nice. Thanks for sharing it 🙂

  • John Doe

    The article’s about The Unfettered, one of the many tropes used in the media.

    Basically it’s the type of character who draws their power mainly, and solely from determination to pursue the end goal – regardless of how morally questionable (nor how morally justified) the means to get there.

    I reckon this piece of line sumarrises what, and who The Unfettered is:-

    “Does Unfettered Bob have to find a cure for Ebola, AIDS and cancer in order to overthrow the evil empire? Okay, he’ll do it, the evil empire’s pharmaceuticals CEOs are going to find themselves running out of business. Wait, now Bob has to burn down an orphanage to get at the Emperor? Okay, he’ll do that too, sorry kids. (By extension, the Moral Event Horizon trope never applies to an Unfettered character.) “

    • Ah ic ic..

      I get that impression too in the beginning, but I started to doubt whether the author imply about something else :p

      Well, are you the unfettered or not? :p