Pick your side: Good or bad #1

Lesson of the day: bad thing is contagious.

My parents used to tell me to surround myself with good friends. They would let me know about their thought if they feel that my friends may influence me with bad things and let me to weigh this myself. What is the good definition? And what is the bad definition?

Good or bad

In this post, I will use general word “things” to represent emotion, feeling or influence.

Studying, working or exercising are good positive activities. But it’s often associated with unpleasant experience. Meanwhile, disturbing other , skipping class, or playing prank are not productive activities, not positive either, yet associated with fun. So fo you think, which one is good, and which one is bad?

Bad things can be easily spread up or influence us. Don’t you believe it? For example, if you see your friend slack off most of the time, sooner or later, we will think that it’s normal or okay to slack.

To my observation (and common human behavior that I know), we tend to do something which is acceptable by our environment. So when we have bad environment, we will look somewhat different when we didn’t behave bad. It also means that we are conditioned by our environment.

On the other hand, when we are in a “good” environment like studying with top grades students, or diligent colleagues, we will try to keep ourselves up to the acceptable standards. We will think that it’s normal to be diligent, and have good marks. Having bad marks is not acceptable or may make us look “different”.

Maybe, I sound to judgmental about categorizing bad and good. Well, alternatively we can see that bad things as any kinds that will not benefit us, for present moment, or for our future. And see good things as any kinds which bring the best of us, which make us learn something. So, maybe bad things are not that bad after all, because it can make us realize and appreciate more about good things we have.

So if you are happened in the situation, would you want to be in the bad environment? or good environment? How would you define good and bad? Do you think that being a good person is bad?

I’ll leave those question and will revisit it on my next post.

(to be continued)