Juggling your day

Lesson of the day: when you know your destination but you don’t know how or where to start, it’s time for you to grab a paper, get a pen and start drawing or breaking the task down.

I’m sure that on certain point of our work life, there is some period where the pile of work keep coming to you before you even finished tho one at your hand. It happens to me before, I managed to finish it, came to me again, did it again, and recently I have it again.

Juggling your task

I barely cope to finish one after the other within 9 to 6 working hour. (it may be completed, if you’re working overtime. But why would you working overtime if you are actually can finish it when you are working effectively)

So here is the behind the scene story.

Firstly I have enhancements in my hand to add into current system. The enhancements is basically to improve the current work. It’s challenging when you have not too technical users, they push you so that the system are built robust enough yet pleasing esthetically.

Second, I received wave of bugs to solve. If you’re working as developer, you will understand there is no perfect system, no matter how meticulous you are. Sometimes out of the blue, error may be happened. For example, a user approach you, said that the system is not working, you checked from your side and there is nothing wrong with it. You investigated and in the end you find the network was unstable at that time. (I’m not trying to defend my position, I may forgot one or two, but sometimes we also need to look at wider scope when it comes to analyze the problem)

Third, I need to mentor one of my friend because he’s still under probation.

Fourth is my miscellaneous role in the company as committee, not one but two (by accident).

I learned this from my friend next to me, he ten to write everything on his note then strike it one by one. I did the same, and I added small tasks inside too. I motivate myself by accomplishing smaller tasks and slowly moving to heavier task. It easier than you thought, this way sort of trick your mind by saying we made some progress and eventually we crave for more.

To conclude, write everything down and shuffle the list a little bit, don’t think too much after that, do it one by one, and you’ll see end of the road soon.