To be popular

If you’re following my tweet, some time last week you may find article about recent narcissism trend caused by facebook. You can find the article from (click here to read it). It is a very interesting study, I say. Based on that article, definition of narcism is “a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration and an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

And, somewhere in the middle the article states that:

The study postulated that narcissists would show more overall Facebook activity than average users and that their activity would be more self-promotional, either descriptively or superficially. The survey’s results showed “significant positive correlations between narcissism and self-promotional content in the following areas: Main Photo, View Photos , Status Updates and Notes.”

That describes me quite well, I thought. Or, at least the self promotional part.

Here is what happened to me last week.

Being a recognized blogger is one of my dream and I have a second thought about being a blogger. Can I be a great blogger? I’m not comparing myself to some of international bloggers, Guy Kawasaki or Dragos Roua or some great authors like Paulo Coelho, whom recently I found out from his twitter. One of my friend in university is a famous food blogger in my country while another one is a famous motivational blogger whom has lots of subscribers.

This year I set a goal, to post regularly. I set a schedule, twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday. It’s easier for me to remember since I go to gym on that day. To this day, I’m still able to meet my goal. Although I drag to the next day occasionally, two posts are posted every week.

But, thinking about zero subscribers on my website is somewhat daunting. It made me questioned myself the whole day, what should I do to improve my traffic? Do I need to start afresh new blog? Do I need to revamp the templates? Do I need to write about something people like? And there are many more flying around inside my head.

And I was restless for the whole week. Until yesterday, on my quiet time, I sort of find the answer and solution to my restlessness.

The reason is I suddenly remembered my main goal in blogging. It’s not to gain popularity, or at least that is not my main goal. (Oh well, who doesn’t want to be popular? I know some people who will say that they don’t want it though). My main goal is sharing some lessons I experienced through simple daily life story, in this case my daily life.

I have a thought few years back (when I was in high school) that the concept of self development is somehow to advance to be understood or not too applicable. (Or maybe blame it to my late interest of that field) So, I thought that why don’t put the lesson in a simpler way, for example what happened to us, common people, every day. Would not it be more down to earth method? And more practical? Since then I started to blog, but I don’t take it seriously.. I rambled many times and on-off the track many times too.

Alas, I decide to take this more seriously now, by setting a goal, personal goal. It’s not easy, as what happened to us every time we started a new things. But, it’s a enjoyable trip so far, with the ups and downs.

(to be continued)

PS: I need to define what does recognized mean to me, by knowing what I want in details I can set a plan (more realistic one) to achieve my dream.