Bite one mouthfull at a time

Today’s lesson: when there are too many things to handle, do only one thing, finish it, and move on to the next thing. Do not think too much, nor complain too much, do it diligently, you will amazed on the progress you made after that.

If my last two posts were describing what have I learned during my trip, then in this post I’d like to stress out some points from those.

One Bite One Burger

Last week, I was panic because there were lots of things to do after returning from my trip. I couldn’t think well partly due to I was tired after the trip. I decided to jolt down all the tasks that I need to do (although I still contemplating how can I finish it within that days)

Reaching home, I made myself relax by reading a book, and guess what, I found one piece of advice that I needed.