A day with lots of coincidence

Last week Saturday, I was having hair salon appointment with my friend. Wrote down the address on a note and memorized the bus number, I left the house to walk to the bus stop nearby.

I saw a bus was approaching and that was my bus. I fasten my pace and I hopped into the bus. Greeted the driver and I found my seat on the near the back of the bus.

While I was waiting my friend as hers had not finished yet, a colleague called me in panic, telling me that the system was giving her error and made her can’t do urgent thing over the weekend.

Oh well, I explained to her that I was not home and the reception on the hair salon was as bad as her calling expected me to solve her problem. Either I need to go home and try my best to recall what are the password to the source, or go back to office and do a little deed for her.

After having our hair done and eating our lunch, my friend whom picked up by her boyfriend help me by driving me to nearest bus stop where I can take my usual bus to go to office. Oh, I meant to meet another friend in the CBD area but my friend has not replied me yet, and since my office is quite near to CBD area, I think it should be fine. Thinking that it will not be long, I decided to help her to have a nice weekend.

Coincidence In Life

I saw a bus was approaching, and as it stopped and I was about to tap my card, I had a surprise. It’s exactly the same bus I hopped into previously, exactly with the same driver. I think for a split second, the driver sort of recognized me.

Opening the office, turned on my computer, checked the data and I found nothing wrong with the data. After sending email to my colleague, left the office. I texted my friend while waiting for the bus, and not long after finished texting the bus came. I usually have to wait for quite some time for the bus, most of the time, especially when I’m in a hurry.

But that day did not. Every bus I want to take, came not long after I reached the bus stop.

While on the bus and I was replying my friend email, my friend replied my text and mentioned where they were. As soon as I reached the bus stop, I look for nearby mall directory and found out that my destination was closer than I thought.

That day, I have lots of “coincidences”. Basically I was having a smooth day. When I think about it again, maybe I just think that I want this, followed by this, and that, and so on. As a return, I get what I want. (if you read The Secret book you’ll get my point). Or maybe not. I was just having a good weekend. Who knows.

At least, I had good times and it calms me somehow.