to THINK or to WISH

Another short post this week from me is inspired by a book titled “Happiness Now” by Andrew Matthews.

In one of the chapter, he mentioned about the difference between thinking and wishing. With respect to the writer, I’ll retell the main point. It’s a very interesting book, I think you should read it. It will give you different perspective on seeing things especially your life.


Firstly, which one is more often happened to you? Thinking about something what you want or wishing about it? Choose one, and read more to find out.

We use to say, I wish I can get a better job, or I wish to be rich, or I wish my dream to come true. The reason is we used to hear how Aladin got his wish come true, because of Genie. But what happened when we don’t get what we want? Do you wail? Expect someone will give it to you? I don’t think it’ll work.

How about thinking about it? In the book, he mentioned that thinking is more powerful. The reason behind it is thinking also means visualizing about what we want, we save it into our mind. We all know that fire is hot, it also recorded well in our subconscious, so when our hand is too close with fire, we will withdraw it spontaneously. The same thing applies to our action. When we have an image that we want something, subconsciously we will sense something is not right when we do something against it.

Revisiting about thinking, I had wrote about power of thinking on my earlier post.

So, now what is your choice? Do you still wish about something or start to think about it?