33 Questions

Two days ago I saw a post on my twitter list about interviewing ourselves. I read her post and I found out that she and I are following the same blogger (Dragos Roua). If you like inspiring stories or motivational stories, I highly recommend you to follow his blog too.

I like the idea to interview myself because not only you (the readers) can know about me better, but also (importantly) for my own sake. The main point of  saying it out loud is helping us to be firm with something. When someone ask us question, what would you like to have for lunch, we can boldly say it, “I want to have a burger”. I learn about this few years back from some books.


Anyway, without further ado, let’s the interview begin and I hope you enjoy it.

1. What Do You Do For A Living?

I currently work as web developer for a SME in Singapore. My previous job was a lecturer cum web developer. I like both world but I enjoy online world more.

2. Who Do You Love?

I like many people, like my families and friends. Love? I have my crush 2 years ago, but I didn’t have the courage to make my move and now it’s all a sweet memory in my life.

3. Do You Have Enough Money?

Yep, I have enough money for my daily needs, save some and I’m still able to send my money for my parents. I just hope that I can contribute more to my society as in give donations to the needy.

4. Are You Healthy?

I’m practicing it since few years back. I used to be lazy to exercise and tend to eat a lot, as a result I was over weight and I felt bad about myself. Since then I do my best to exercise regularly, eat more healthier food and take care myself more.

5. Do You Think You Are a Good Person?

I am; I basically like to go by the rule. But I have some weaknesses. When I care about someone or something, I tend to give all I got and forgot to take care of myself. As a result, I burned out easily. I have a mood swing for certain period of time.

6. How Old Are You?

I feel like a 20-years old when it comes to craving for adventure with 30-years old wisdom.

7. Who’s Your Best Friend?

I have best friends in different stages of my life. We had our happy times, fights and weep together, and disagreements. Those made our bond strong and I try my best to keep in touch with them until now.

8. What’s Your Childhood Dream?

To become engineer, adventurous fellow who travel around the world.

9. How Often Do You Laugh?

I laugh a lot everyday, at least one a day (*joke). I’m such a joker when I’m with my friends. I also believe that smile is the most inexpensive way to improve someone looks. 🙂

10. What Makes You Smile?

  1. Kids; just love their spontaneity.
  2. Thinking about good things which are going to happen to me.
  3. Someone special; make my heart warm too.
  4. My silliness; how fool I am.
  5. Great food.
  6. Comedy movies.
  7. Garfield strip in my iGoogle.
  8. Friends; include colleagues too.
  9. Thinking that I’m all safe and sound.
  10. My family; my dad and my brother are such a joker too, my mom too.

11. Who’s Your Most Dangerous Enemy?

My cravings, which make me want too many things in this life.

12. Where Do You Live?

I’m currently resides in Singapore. I adapt quite well in a new environment, make new friends and blend in into the society. I easily feel that the new place is my home. I have lived in three countries so far, and I like Melbourne a lot even more than my hometown.

13. Do You Think You’re Strong?

Yes, to certain extend. I have strong will, accompanied with diligence and some endurance. Although I still feel that I’m not as strong as marathon runner, but I know my limit, when to take a break and when to strike back.

14. What Was The Most Important Thing You’ve Done So Far?

I said “No” to things I don’t really comfortable with. I was such a yes person in the past, who can’t say no to other people because I can’t stand to see their sad faces.

15. What Was The Most Stupid Thing You’ve Done So Far?

I did a lot of stupidities. I tend to punish myself too when I was at high school, but now I can laugh and enjoy it, but I learn from it and try not to repeat the same things.

16. Do You Love Yourself?

I like myself more now. Well, who didn’t have this teenage phase, I think I hate myself during that time, for not being smart enough to make my parents proud, or girly enough for my mom so that she can shop dresses for me. Then I realize that I should stop it, for not being myself, especially only for someone’s else sake.

17. What Do You Fear The Most?

To be alone.

18. What Is Your Favorite Word?


19. When Was The Last Time You Cried?

Last week, when I watched Toy Story 3 with my friends. I’m such a cry baby when comes to watching some inspiring movies and I’m proud of my sensitive side.

20. What Is The Best Thing That Could Happen To You Right Now?

I can be content with all the material I have, to be content with myself as well.

21. What Is The Worst Thing That Could Happen To You Right Now?

I don’t have anything in particular. I tend to let myself think about the good things since it’s more enjoyable to do. But when the worst comes, I’ll try to calm myself down first. 🙂

22. Picture Yourself In 5 Years From Now

I’ll have steady life, doing what I like to do (like blogging, social media or web developing), make some investments, be a good spouse and best friend for him too.

23. Do You Regret Anything?

I have the list but I decided to put everything in the past and move on. They are great teacher for me, indeed.

24. What’s The First Thing You Do In The Morning?

Turn off my alarm clock, go to toilet, drink water, sit and (try to) meditate for a while (if I can’t do it, I’ll just sit still and do nothing) then play some games on my iPhone, revise my Japanese lesson when the class is started.

25. What Are You Thinking Just Before Going To Bed?

Let’s have a great dream, I did what I can do today, now it’s time to enjoy my sleep.

26. What Was The Highest Point You’ve Ever Been To?

Mount Buller, Australia. I’m not sure how high the mountain, but I think that’s the highest place I ever been.

27. If There’s One Thing In Your Life You Want To Change Right Now, What Is It?

I like to change my thinking. But on a second thought, I prefer to practice to change my mind rather than having instant change.

28. What Are You Proud Of?

To be able to present when my friends or family need me to hear their problem.

29. Sum Up Your Life In One Sentence

Great adventure with many turns, ups and downs.

30. Name The Thing That Annoys You The Most

Smoke from cigarette; people who like to break rules; hot weather.

31. What Is Your No 1 Question To God?

Hmm. I think I leave all the big mysteries to be remain as mysteries. A little surprise along our life makes it more fun.

32. Do You Have Secrets?

Not really. I may have some thoughts but I tend t share stories with my friends.

33. What Makes You Laugh?

Listening to Ajahn Brahm stories. I know him from a friend while I was studying in Melbourne 2008. Since then I like to listen to his podcast, his story was simple and quite silly sometimes.

One bonus question from him to answer:

34. Are You Happy?

Yes. Answering those questions reminds me of what I have and make me more grateful than before.

I have completed mine. How about you?