Yeah, I think that’s my strongest point


One day, with the same friend as previous post, I have another great conversation with him.

We were talking about our work. He said that his work sometimes makes him going out the whole day to find suppliers for his company. It tires him out although he enjoys it, meeting other people and commuting. He asked me how is mine.

I told him that as a web developer, I develop our company system (obviously), occasionally research on other technology which can be used to improve the company system, analyze the system and write report to suggest new idea to improve the system.

And I like my job. Why?

Because I like researching. I know some of my friend feel that it’s boring, no fun at all.
Because I like to analyze a system and think what can we improve from the system.
Idea will just be an idea until it comes to real. In relation to earlier point above, it would be great that we can make the idea comes true so that people can feel the benefit out of it.

My friend joked with me by saying that those are geek strong traits. And we laughed.

Then I realized that we usually aren’t aware of ourselves until someone point it out to us or tell us about it. It’s a nature to see others rather than ourselves.

We are also tend to see others, our friends, flaws rather than the good traits. The question is, do you dare to tell your friend about it? Good friends do, but bad friends gossip about it.

Since we are so capable of seeing or spotting other people, why don’t we tell them about the bad things that we found, it’s a kind reminder. And we should tell them the good traits too, tell them about it and maybe praise them for it, so that they feel good about themselves. But it’s not an empty praise or false hope. It’s called appreciating others.

But you may think twice to do it to your newly known friend or to your boss though.

If you don’t have friends to tell you about it, doesn’t mean that we can know about it. Spend sometime alone, think what are we good at. Even it’s just playing a game. Surely we know ourselves good enough right?