That plan is perfect, but..

Do you like to make a plan? Or do you prefer to have someone plan for you? Not about your life, it’s about what happened in daily life, like going on a trip, throwing a party, or organizing event?


The first time I entered my university life, I was fascinated with the seniors who arrange great orientation for us. (Though for some of us, it’s more like a “torture” rather than welcome party) Anyway, the reason I was fascinated because I have great experience as participant, we had games, we camped and some of us, we made new close friends. So, I was telling myself that I’m going to do the same thing next year.

I joined student union, and hosting an event is part of the story because we hosted school anniversary, which is at least once a year, plus other activities. So, making plan is part of it too. Did I enjoy it? I just not enjoyed it, but I was having fun, a lot of fun.

When we entered working life, making plan is part of it; by default; you can’t get away from it. It comes as a package, whether we like it or not. It can be making plan for ourselves or making plan that related to other people around us.

Though that I’m used to make plans, but I still feel that it’s getting harder and harder. I like everything to go nice and smooth as I planned, but there is always something happened on the big day. Maybe some friends were late, others didn’t help out as their promises, and on top of that, the weather seems hate us too.  I was stressed out when things don’t go well.

On different time, I was having conversation with a friend. He told me that if he were in my shoes, what he would do is having fun on the big day. We did our best to make a perfect plan, so there is no one who involve or take part in the event want to ruin it, everyone is doing their best. So, if there is something wrong during that day, don’t be upset, just enjoy the flow. Because most of the times, we just too tense about it.

Currently, I’m trying to see as my friend’s see it, and I think I become less stress and I can enjoy more. How about you? Experience the same thing as I used to? Maybe you can try that simple trick?


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