Debugging my life

Slightly related to previous post I wrote about the point where we faced difficulties on some stages of our life. Those big challenges sometimes related with making mistakes. As a web programmer, I spend my day writing a code to help my colleagues life easier and more efficient in doing their works; building a system that used to manage projects and many more.


To me, being a programmer is fun to certain extend. 🙂 just for your information, there are different stages of developing a system, in brief, start from analyzing the system and needs, designing the solution, writing the code (we often said as coding), testing and finding errors (we call this as debug-ing). The last three steps usually a repetitive process before we deliver the result to users.

When I was studying back then, every time I encountered error, I worried, scared, or frustrated. I don’t know how can I solve this, what should I do at that time. I just wanted to create a running code that bug and error free.

But, there is no such a perfect code.

My senior later introduced me to debug process. He taught me how to isolate my errors. When you have lines of errors, I should try to fix it the first few lines, try to run the code again. When those errors had been fixed, some of the later errors disappear. Then I got fewer lines of errors. And repeat the process again and again until I have no error.

It’s not end yet.

After the application run smoothly, we are into testing phase. Whether the application does exactly what we or our users want. If it’s not, then we need to adjust it, maybe discover some new errors, debug it again, and so on.

Ain’t life similar like that?

We know we want something, then we tried to get it. During the process we may encounter some problems or difficulties, or make mistakes. What would we do next? We “debug” it. We try to make things right, don’t we?

Sometimes it’s frustrating when we made lots of mistakes. But, when we isolate some of the mistakes, actually it’s much simpler than we imagined. We try to solve one mistakes and, most of the time, some of others will disappear because of that. It’s like a domino effect, one is happened because of the other.

So, when we have too much problems, mistakes or troubles, don’t panic. Let’s “debug” them. I know it’s always easier said than done, in this case, I’m sure that practice makes perfect. It maybe hard at first, but it will benefit us in the long run. I debug my mistakes and stupidity many many times, I learned from it, and I try to move on.

Hope that the post can inspire you. Do you have stories to share about yourself?