We are what we think

My parents taught me to learn and do some good activities and make it as habit. Once it become your habit, you will do it no matter how hard it seems.

I often heard my friends asking, how I can exercise regularly like at least twice a week, and I do it before I’m going to work.


Our common belief that waking up in the morning is difficult, snoozing is normal, exercising regularly is activity for middle aged people like our parents age, and staying up late is a must for working people, people in my age.

I lived in that world for many many years, until I found that I don’t feel healthy at all and I’m not trying to exaggerate it. I easily fell sick, felt tired most of the time, stressed and had gastric many times. The point is I didn’t feel good anymore.
I was inspired by one of my collegue when I was working as lecturer. He jogs every morning, plays badminton three times a week, eats fruits and vegetables everyday, eats junk food ocassionaly and rests when it’s time to rest.

Since I’m working overseas, far from home and people I care about, I feel that I need to change. I have to take a good care of myself. I started to pay attention on what I ate. When I recalled the first time I started it, it was hard. It’s simply because it’s not on my habit or my list. But now, I will feel strange if I miss my morning routine.

So, when we think that something is difficult to do, our brain, our body started to develop some kind of defence. How to beat this guy? I was like that. When we’re in this situation, believe me, even running one lap of 400m feels like running a mile, it’s endless.
Nowadays, I found a way to make it easier. I change the way I think (those books reminded me again and again). Instead of thinking the activity I’m going to do, I think why doing this is important, why I should do this, what are the benefit for me.

Continuing about to exercise regularly. It’s important to keep our body and mind healthy. It’s like maintaining your car. You need to warm up your car once after some days so that the engine can be started easily when we need it. We also need to check on oil, brakes and other part, to make sure it’s still working.

To conclude, do you have some habit that you want to kick out or do you want to do something new yet you keep procrastinate it. Think again, we are what we think 🙂