Patience about life


Life will give what we need, not what we want.

Everything will come in the right time and place.

All we need is patience. And a little bit of wisdom.

The wisdom is to know when to let go or when to preserve. To identify what we trully want or what we need from the rest.

I used to dream that I’m going to overseas, working and living there, or having scholarship, or making international friends. I used to think it’s beyond my reach. I walked step by step, I only know that I’m moving towards it; I’m building my way to achieve my dream.

There are times when I’m not patience enough to wait. It’s like you cook a steak and you keep turn your food or flip it upside down. As a result the steak was hard, not juicy, and maybe chewy, which I’m sure it’s not the steak you want.

A saying, patience is a virtue, is real; not just a bullshit.

I get to achieve some of my dreams, and still have some left, I’m still walking towards it.