Measuring sensibility

On recent episode of a TV series I watched, one of the character decided to hide or went missing because she felt that her parents don’t love her as much as her parents care her elder sister and younger sister.

Before that, she felt sick all the time, like having cold, fever, and other symptomps. But no medicine can make her mind at ease. Yep, it’s just a psychological inside her mind.

And, actually her parents have their reason. Her elder sister was easily tricked by men while her younger sister was so gullible till people like to manipulate her.

One of her best friend tried to console her, yet it was not working. She did what her beat friend suggested though, by staying away from her family that day. On different time the same day, her best friend approached her dad and her mom at different place and time; asked them what they felt about her daughter. Her bestfriend recorded the conversation and sent it to her.

She was touched by the recordings. Her dad said that he didn’t mean to neglect her, he didn’t feel so bacause she was the most independent among his children. She can take care herself more than the others too. Her dad even felt that her parents were depend on her rather than the other way around.

And she cried upon listening to it.

In the end, she made up with her parents. Her parents told her that it doesn’t mean not to care about her, it’s just her sisters need them more. They are so happy with her around. But from her point of view, she also need their care.

Does this sound familiar to you? Or do you experince it yourself?

Well, I do.

I have one younger brother by two years. During our school time, I often feel that I need to do everyhing on my own while he was not. I also asked to help him most of the time too; from trivial matter like preparing our school bag for tomorrow lesson until help him with his study.

I was expected to be on my own most of the time, though that they didn’t really say it. So I grew up becoming my brother’s keeper.
Patience was not in my nature. So, I used to lose my patience when guiding him doing his homework or when my brother clinged on me. I simply didn’t know how to pamper him since I hardly experience it.

There are times when I craved for attention. But I don’t know how to say it. I guess, my nature takes over. I’m used to stand on my own feet for many years anyway. I appreciate their attention in different way.

As year goes by and we grew older, we become close to each other in many ways. We fought many times, we patched up many times, we shared our secrets, we had great experience. Because we’re living in different places now, we have less time to meet up, and we have less time to fight too.. :p

Anyway, I don’t see it as bad experience. I learn and grow a lot, for example I see myself as independent person( and I’m proud of it). I know what I want, and will do my best to get it. Maybe if I didn’t experience it, I would not be who I am today 🙂

  • sin

    I am looking forward to read what your parents and brother ‘ll say when they read this post 😀

    • Oh haha..
      I actually kinda told them few years ago.. It’s just that recent movie inspire me to write about this :p or more like a reflection haha..