Older or wiser, you choose

This trip was special. I celebrated my birthday with new (close) friends, on another country adventuring. Hong Kong is the fourth country I have my birthday.

Birthday Cake

Usually on my birthday, my mom will cook mee-suah (面线) for me. It’s been a tradition in my family to eat noodles on our special occasion, such as birthday. Noodle means longevity by the way. Since I studied in Melbourne before, my mom can’t do it but she still asked me to make my own or at least I still eat it. So, it’s part of birthday routine I had many years.

This time, I received surprises from my companions. They found a way to celebrate my birthday in a new way during our trip. Instead of cakes, we use egg tarts (we were in Macau that day and Macau is famous for its Portuguese egg tart). Instead of candles, we use tooth pick (well.. hail to creativity). I still have my mee suah later in that day, instead of having it in the morning as my breakfast. This is a great birthday gift, really.

Okay, let’s get back to the track.

In relation to my previous post, I find that as I grow older I become more and more tense when experiencing something new. The feeling of failure is bigger than it used to be, also as the responsibility grows. For example after graduating from university, working, having more responsibility, and so on. It’s been a cycle that keep on going. When I’m into something, I tend to neglect other things. So, when I’m trying to be my best at doing my job, I may neglect the having-fun-side of me.

Anyway, older is a path that we can’t avoid, but the other side of it is to become wiser. So I wish I can become wiser, to know which or whom are more important to me or to do something right rather than doing it right. And what is your choice?

  • sin

    >> do something right rather than doing it right

    Do you mean, “doing a right thing rather than doing a thing correctly” ?

    In work situation, I think the latter is more important though.

  • yeap!
    that’s what i’m trying to say, but i want to make it rhyme :p