Living virtually

The first part of my trip experience will share about experience living in two world. Hope that it doesn’t sound cheesy but two world I meant here are real world and online world.

Being absence from blogging made me somewhat more aware about what happens around me. I pay more attention to what I see and how I feel about it.

I believe which is a good thing; out of my daily routine – aware about what comes to me through social media. And not to be a drama queen, I feel I’m more reachable thorugh messenger rather than phone. If someone ask me to choose, I’d rather have stable Internet connection rather than to have cheap call rates.

I spend most of my time online even when I’m working. One of the formal communication medium at my office is messenger. It’s quite normal to type something on your messenger window to the person sit next to you. I found this way is quite extraordinary; unlike my previous working place.

But, going overseas makes me put off all the online.

Besides online through computer, I like to have freedom to go online whenever or wherever; especially after I bought my iPhone. But I don’t login and logoff from computer and mobile and so on, because I don’t need to live that virtual. Still, I like to text and browse website using my mobile.

So, being out of your usual network coverage makes me think twice to text or browse. I spend more time by talking to my travel companions. We never went to different ways (well we do sometimes, when some of us need to go to rest room while others were shopping). Basically, we were using basic communication form, no technology required.

The point is, technology is not a bad thing at all. It makes our life easier in many ways; to communicate, to keep in touch, to do our work faster and many more. But, sometimes we often forgot to interact with people around us, or at least I do.