Juicy friendship

Juice of the day: Friendship.

How many friends do you have?

We made friends since we were young, at school, at tuition center (maybe), or at work. At each stage of our life, we had close friends whom help us through the storm of our life.

Can you remember them? One by one? And named them?


There was a interesting article about friends number theory I read few months ago. Quite surprised to the result that our brain can’t remember more than 150 names of friends. What do you think?

But, what I’m going to share today is some stories about my friendshio.

I used to be very shy when comes to make a new friend at school. I would usually just sit and wait till someone approached me and started to talk to me. I’m still shy though, or at least it’s more manageable now. Last year I was on my new journey and I met with many new friends, friends of friends and so on.

And from all the new acquaintances I know some of them become close friends. Usually, we tend to hold ourselves when we met new person. So, the meeting would always be pleasant and nice, discussing about safe topics or joke politely. Personally, it doesn’t work that way for me, mostly.

I tend to say what I think or feel at that time or even fight; sometimes it hurts (reality bites :p). Strangely, our friendship is stronger than with those that I seldom fight with.

Sometimes I hesitate to ask about something to my friends, especially some sensitive issues. Maybe I should just hold it back? I choose to ask them or strike from the front rather than keep thinking about it or even worse, making assumptions. It’s just a blunt question most of the times, but I will tell them that I’m going to ask something so that at least they can prepare for it.

In summary,

  1. Friendship will go stronger through good and bad times (especially fights).
  2. Reality may bite but true friends will not bite.
  3. True friends accept you who ever you are, you can give them your wake up face too 🙂

PS: I have some friends that said quite sensitive issues (for a  girl) bluntly like a straight jab to your stomach and I really appreciate them 🙂

“A true friend stabs you in the front.” – Oscar Wilde