Having fun is harmless, really

Second lesson I learnt from my trip is, having fun or just lose it.


I value myself as quite adventurous person. I tend to choose longer route to reach certain place or make more turns than I should be, to get what I want and I get it. Or at least I feel it that way. Although some of my friends said that I’m quite organized person; they felt that I plan my journey well.

I also was known as quite impulsive person, who didn’t think what may be happened ahead. I simply do what I like to do or think that time. For example, I volunteered as event committee many times during my study. I didn’t have any experience to work in a team as my friend during high school so I tend to create some troubles for others. Luckily, I have good seniors, they gave me advices and didn’t hesitate to point my mistakes.

It is a valuable experience that mold me, my current me. I learned to be more organized. I learn how to plan, what do I need to do to prevent it or identify the obstacles that may happen next.

I enjoy the new me, who like to plan. As a person with great imagination, I imagine that I am an advisor during classic war; analyze the terrain, plan the next move, study the enemy and make preparations. When things get ugly, that’s the real test whether you can solve it or not. I love this role.

I also detailed oriented person, so when I’m into something, I will give my best to it. In this case, I stumbled many times. I just don’t want to stop trying to plan more carefully, or simply be a better planner. I think, this role carries on for quite sometimes. It’s like driving to one city but I make a long turn.

But in this trip, my old me was emerged back. I somehow can forget for a while my usual self. I really have fun. My companions were quite new or not my usual outdoor friends, my office colleagues. Usually it’s hard to just be yourself when your not with your close friends. This time, it doesn’t really matter at all. I enjoy times I spent with them and on top of that it feels good to be my old me.

To conclude, no matter how different we are from the past, we still have it, it’s part of us. We have choices of what kind of person we become; whether we want to be the same person, or change some part of us, or ditch our bad habit. Well, as for me, I think I need to let it loose for a while, to enjoy life more, to enjoy what I have, to enjoy the time with people around me.

Not least, I saw a good campaign by a jeans brand, “Be Stupid”. This campaign reminds me of having fun is harmless, really.