Curiosity re-visited

Lesson of the day: curiosity.

Have you ever heard about popular quote that “Curiosity kills the cat”? Hope you heard about it 🙂


I have a scenario. Let’s say that today you have a new colleague and some guests from other overseas office. You was told that there will be dinner with the guests on different date. Your new colleague will have twice while you have only one. Would you be curious, to find out the why?

If I were happened in the situation, most likely I won’t ask why. The reason is, probably the management or your boss has it’s own consideration. Then you may think, still, why your boss didn’t tell the reason. Wouldn’t it better to be open? That can be a good point too.

But let’s try to take from our boss point of view. They could think that give the a fish for a day food, instead of to give a dozen of fish for a week in a day. Or I can say to give information in the right portion to the right person.

We could also take it as learn to trust your leader as they also learn to trust us.

Anyway, you still can choose to question it though. You can choose to ask about it.

So, have you ever experience this kind of situation? What did you do that time? Or if you were in this kind of situation in the future, what would you do?

In the end, have you ever curious why that it kills the cat? Why don’t other animals?

  • sin

    I may have a different way of thinking.

    If I were you, I don’t think I would really care much about the “why” I had been invited to only one dinner instead of two. If I didn’t care that much about the guests, then maybe it was all the better for all sides.

    But if I wanted to talk and know more about the guests, then I would ask my boss to let me join the dinner.

  • That’s a great way to see things differently, which I didn’t think about.

    I think my only concern was about making friends.
    So I thought it would be great to go out together. Or maybe, it was still about the work after all. And the work didn’t relate with me, directly.

    Anyway, the other dinner was cancelled because some reasons, so no dinner for me after all 😛